Madrid: The Green Tide, An Organization Advocating For More Funding For Public Education, Marches Looking To Achieve Demands

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An organization known as Marea Verde por la Educación (Green Tide for Education) has rallied thousands of people in Madrid under the demand that there be a greater investment in the public education system.

“We want to return to 18 school periods in all educational stages and we want more investment in public education. More places for public education,” explained Sandra Villa, spokesperson for the Green Assembly of Madrid to Lasexta.

The rally, which is comprised of teachers’ groups, unions, and AMPAS, is opposing the elimination of 2,000 teaching positions. “The situation of the educational community in Madrid is despicable. It has reached incalculable limits. It has destroyed public education and there are many people for whom the only thing left to access an education is to go to private school,” said Cea del Barrio, spokesman for the Students Union of Madrid.

As a result of this, they are advocating for a decrease in the ratios, and the slogan they are using to do so is “We Can Do Better.” “No to the pillaging of the public school system.” “The public’s money given back to the public.” In addition, the various teachers’ organizations have voiced their disapproval of the disintegration of the public educational guidance teams.

“Vacancies are not filled. There are children with special educational needs who are left without professionals. We are not opening new nursery schools and giving a check to private ones. “Classrooms are being closed,” said Yolanda Salcedo, a guidance counselor.