A Teacher Who Was Fired Over Her Cat’s Appearance During Online Lessons Was Compensated $6,000

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The incident took place in June during a livestream session taught by the teacher, Luo.

During the course of the lecture, Luo’s cat made a total of five appearances on camera after jumping into frame.

The education technology corporation that was responsible for running the online courses terminated Lou’s employment and cited the cat’s unexpected presence on screen as the basis for the termination.

According to a report in the Guangzhou Daily, the firm said that Luo had participated in “non-teaching” activities during the session and had also been 10 minutes late to an earlier lesson. Luo filed a complaint with the arbitration commission against the ruling.

According to the news source, the business challenged the decision that it pay the instructor compensation for unjust dismissal and refused to accept the judge’s ruling that it should do so.

According to the Central Radio Network, in his decision on the case, Judge Liao Yajing of the Guangzhou Tianhe People’s Court ruled that if an employer requires their employees to work from home, the employer should not have the same expectations as if the personnel were working in an office.

She said that the regulations set out by the employer should not only be in accordance with the laws, but should also be fair and reasonable.

Teacher Bullied And Fired For Being “Too Sexy” For The Classroom

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Patrice Brown, who is 33 years old, said that the headteacher at the school she attended in Atlanta had a problem with her wearing skin-tight skirts and leggings that hugged her hips.

In 2016, photographs showing Patrice teaching a classroom full of young children while wearing skintight pants and shoes with a leopard print pattern went viral; as a result, the internet quickly began to refer to her as #TeacherBae.

Patrice argued that her outfit was well within the “vague” criteria that the city had established for teachers’ attire.

However, six years later, she was reportedly fired from her teaching position because the headmaster thought she had an appearance that was inappropriate for the classroom since it was considered too sexual.

She said the following to the New York Post: “I’d always go to work and take pictures of myself in the classroom setting, showing off how much I love my profession and looking beautiful while teaching kids.

“Teachers are often bullied [for their looks] by the administration, parents, other teachers, and in higher grades, the students.

“What teachers are wearing should not be the focus. The focus should be on the kids.”

After losing her job earlier this summer, Patrice reports that she is doing well and has since found work teaching first-graders at a different school.


“Sexy Teachers Give Critics a Failing Grade.” New York Post, nypost.com, 2 Sept. 2022, nypost.com/2022/09/01/sexy-teachers-give-critics-a-failing-grade.

In Europe, Luxembourg Pays Its Teachers The Most, With An Annual Salary Of €78,286 As A Starting Point

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The European Commission (using data from Eurydice) (“Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe – 2020/2021 | Eurydice”) reports that teachers in Luxembourg earn the highest starting salaries at €78,286 per year. They get a maximum of €136,079 a year in salary once their career has ended. Thus, Luxembourg continues to be, in terms of teacher salaries, the best-paid European nation. Germany comes in second place in the European list with an average starting salary of €60,163 per year for new teachers, placing it ahead of both Sweden (€39,097/year) and Austria (€39,055/year).

The countries that have the lowest incomes for secondary school teachers are Poland (7,908 euro per year), Hungary (8,063 euro per year), and Romania (8,818 euro per year). Bulgaria has the lowest salary at 7,731 euro per year, which is equivalent to little over 644 euro per month.

If we want to draw meaningful conclusions from our comparison, we need to look at how the two nations’ populations are supported economically. In this regard, it is worth noting that the average compensation of teachers tends to track with the country’s GDP per capita: the greater the GDP per capita, the higher the average salary of teachers.

In general, it is important to bring attention to the fact that teaching is a vocation that is losing its appeal at an alarming rate. A significant number of nations in Europe are now contending with a severe recruiting issue. At the beginning of the school year in 2022, there will be a need for 4,000 teachers in France, and there will be a need for 4,400 teachers in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is the most populated area in Germany.

According to the European Commission, the wages of teachers in the majority of nations grew during the 2020-2021 school year, as well as during the previous year, when the Eurydice network also recorded a general rise, although it was occasionally less than inflation. This was the case in the previous year. In countries such as Greece, Luxembourg, and Portugal, for instance, there has been essentially no change in the amount that teachers are paid.

1 United States Dollar equals 1.00 Euro


“Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe – 2020/2021 | Eurydice.” Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe – 2020/2021 | Eurydice, eurydice.eacea.ec.europa.eu, 5 July 2022, eurydice.eacea.ec.europa.eu/publications/teachers-and-school-heads-salaries-and-allowances-europe-20202021.

Students Furious As 12th Grade Teacher Starts Counting Bathroom Breaks As Loss Of Credits

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Students in a high school English teacher’s class are being forced to give up additional credit in order to get hall passes for toilet breaks, which has led to criticism of the teacher’s decision online.

One student decided to publish the story on Reddit (“R/Mildlyinfuriating – My English Teacher Is Only Allowing Us Three Passes for Going to the Restroom for the Entirety of the Quarter, in Which We Have to Give Away Points for Increasingly Important Grading Categories… I’m a Senior (12th Grade)…”) , where they also posted a set of terms and conditions that accompanied the announcement. According to the kid in the 12th grade, the English instructor only gives each student three permits to use the lavatory during the first quarter of the school year. The length of the lesson is one hour and ten minutes. However, you will need to spend an additional five points for extra credit in either your coursework, your performance assessment, or your formal writing in order to get a hall pass. If you want to use the pass to use the restroom during a class, you’ll have to turn it in, which will result in the loss of the additional credit. If a student still has the pass when the quarter comes to a close, they are eligible to exchange it for the credits.

During the course of the quarter, these passes may be used for any excursion that takes place outside of the classroom. Every student will get three passes to use throughout the course of the quarter. The instruction says to “cut this pass out, present it to (retracted), and then sign-out using the sign-out form.” “Each pass is worth five points, although those points are distributed across a variety of categories. If you do not use your passes throughout the quarter, you will have the opportunity to turn them in at the conclusion of the quarter in exchange for additional credit. Passes are required to be turned in at the end of the quarter as specified, and late submissions will not be allowed. Passes do not roll over from quarter to quarter. If you are more than four minutes late to class on four separate occasions, the passes will be revoked.

When it comes to the regulations that govern schools, bathroom breaks are a contentious issue, eliciting debate from not only the kids but also the instructors and the parents. According to information collected by Women’s Health Research from nurses working in schools throughout the United States, just 8% of schools had specific bathroom regulations in place, and roughly 50% of schools allowed students unrestricted access to the restrooms. The remainder, on the other hand, indicated that there were actual limitations placed on students’ restroom breaks while they were in class. According to the collected data, the primary factor was an issue of mistrust about pupils leaving the classroom. Eighty-four percent of participants claimed that instructors couldn’t be confident that pupils were really using the toilet when they left the classroom to go there. On the other hand, it is widely known that limiting one’s bathroom use may have major repercussions for one’s health, including the weakening of the muscles in the bladder and the development of infections in the urinary system. Students from other schools on Reddit were shocked by the hall pass system, and some even suggested strategies to get an advantage. However, for many others, the main concern was how it would affect female students who had to deal with their periods while at school. “In what way does this not discriminate against female pupils who menstruate?” Aside from the fact that it is ridiculous to award any points at all based on a person’s level of cleanliness or their access to fundamental aspects of public sanitation, It takes far more time to change tampons, pads, or cups than it does to just urinate, so how the hell are they meant to accomplish that? one user who was upset about it. Another individual remembers the following: “When I was in high school, a girl got her period, and she wasn’t permitted to go to the restroom.” It was the saddest thing that could possibly have happened when she bled through her white jeans on the chair. No one in the class made fun of her, and the instructor did not get any forgiveness from the students. To tell you the truth, I have no clue why these so-called “potty permits” are OK. It is not even somewhat irritating in the least. It simply makes me so upset and sad. ” One person’s line of reasoning was that “you can’t restrict someone from using the restroom; they wouldn’t even do that if you were in prison.” The kid said in their most recent reply that they wanted to discuss the matter with their guidance counselor at school.

Oklahoma: A Teacher Resigned After She Gave Her Students A QR Code To Access Banned Books

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A former Oklahoma educator has spoken out about being forced to leave her profession because of a state law that bans certain books.

At the beginning of the current school year, Summer Boismier, then 34 years old, was working as an English teacher at Norman High School, located just south of Oklahoma City. Boismier told CNN that English instructors in the Norman Public Schools district had been directed to go through their classroom libraries and identify any books that would “elicit challenges” to a state statute that bans the teaching of critical race theory before the start of the new school year.

Boismier said that teachers were advised to hide the books by covering them, placing them in boxes, or turning them around so that their backs were towards the inside of the shelves, to prevent pupils from seeing the books. Boismier decided to put a butcher paper cover on the books and label them “Books the State Doesn’t Want You to Read.” She also decided to include a QR code for the Brooklyn Public Library on the book jackets. She scrawled, “Definitely don’t scan this!” below the QR code in her hand. The library’s “Books Unbanned” program and library card sign-ups were available to students as soon as they walked through the doors.

The Brooklyn Public Library said earlier this year that it will begin giving digital library cards to students aged 13–21 throughout the nation in response to the more than 700 pieces of legislation submitted or approved this year prohibiting or limiting educational materials. Wes Moody, the spokesman for Norman Public Schools, told Changing America in an email that a concerned parent had contacted the school system regarding Boismier and a “potential issue with Oklahoma HB 1775.” House Bill 1775 deals with Boismier.

Moody went on to add that the problem stemmed from Boismier’s decision to make political and personal statements during class time. “The teacher, like many other educators, is concerned about censorship and the removal of books by the Oklahoma state government.” Instead of telling students how they should think, it is our responsibility as teachers to foster in them a capacity for independent analysis.” the statement features a quotation from Moody.

Boismier told CNN that district officials said they didn’t want students to be encouraged to break the law since the label and QR code made the books seem illicit. The English teacher went on to state that she was put on administrative leave and admonished by administrators during a meeting on Tuesday for making a political comment in class. Moody denied that Boismier had been suspended or put on administrative leave.

Boismier told CNN that she was asked to return to the classroom on Wednesday but ultimately decided to quit. Multiple states have proposed or enacted laws restricting the teaching of critical race theory since 2021, according to the Brookings Institute. American institutions like the school system, the court system, the healthcare system, and the real estate market are all “laced with racism” due to the presence of discriminatory policies and practices. On the other hand, Oklahoma’s law is well-known for being harsh. The new regulation threatens to remove a teacher’s license if they are found to be using critical race theory in the classroom.


CNN, Rebekah Riess. “Oklahoma Teacher Resigns, Citing State Law Requiring Teachers to Censor Books in Classroom Libraries – CNN.” CNN, edition.cnn.com, 24 Aug. 2022, https://edition.cnn.com/2022/08/24/us/oklahoma-teacher-resigns-race-and-gender-law/index.html.

An Art Teacher’s Rebuttal To Those Who Want Her Fired Because of Her Body Shape

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School clothing restrictions are often associated with students. A New Jersey art teacher, however, has gone viral due to the attention her body shape and fashion choices have garnered.

There have been calls for her dismissal from the school because of the attention she has drawn with her clothing choice.

When images of the teacher known as “The Art Teacher” (@toyboxdollz) surfaced online, the internet went into a feud. While the vast majority of the feedback has been supportive, some female commenters have taken issue with her role as an teacher. “Taking booty pics in a child’s class room yah don’t think you’ll be a teacher long have a good one,” one person said. Someone else chimed in, saying, “Get her out, kids don’t need to see the outcome of you surgeries to look sexually appealing.”

Some people were against firing her. Still, there are those who believe her Instagram is being used to push something other than art. Someone said, “Chile this is ridiculous she know exactly wtf she doin getting her body done like this it don’t even look nice or natural get some help.” Another commenter said, “You can’t help your body shape.” “However you can help what you wear and poses. Teachers doing back shots and extremely fitting clothes? You should probably have a private page for your personal stuff.”

Although, there was a noticeable lack of comments attacking this lady or her writings. A large number of individuals, even the males who ogled the art teacher’s body, backed her freedom to wear whatever she pleased. “With everything going on in the world today, people are worried about how a teacher looks and what she wears. Some people need a LIFE!” Someone defended her online. A commenter on an Instagram image showcasing students said, “They look focused on work to me!” The argument was made that although older kids could be distracted by the art teacher’s physique, preschoolers and kindergartners don’t give a hoot about such things.

The art teacher took to Instagram to respond to the recent attention her photos have received and to express gratitude to her global network of admirers. Some of the moms at the school where she worked as a teacher were “some of my best supporters,” she wrote. Some of my mothers have been in the spotlight protecting my reputation without me even having to utter a word.

The art teacher stated to those who have a problem with her looks, “It is alarming and mind blowing to me that this is truly a thing.” She also made sure to clarify that it is not only women or moms who are demanding that she be fired, contrary to what has been published online. She laughed off the criticism at first, but now she says it’s starting to affect her.

The art teacher is seeking contributions in the form of badges on Instagram Live due to the tremendous attention she and her Instagram profile are getting. She plans to use the funds to purchase art therapy materials for her students and to donate to a foundation that supports teachers. “Every day, I try harder to provide a positive example for my children. For the sake of my loved ones, my students, and my children,” says the art professor. She has confidence in her abilities as a teacher because she believes it will show in the classroom. She claims to know she is exceptional since her students contact her to beg for assignments. She’s thankful for everyone’s attention, good and bad.


“The Art Teacher🍎 on Instagram: ‘It’s Officially Summer Break 😍!!! I Really Want to Wish All My Students and All School Faculty Super Heroes a Phenomenal Summer! This Year Was Such a Ridiculous Blessing for Us! Even Though Covid Kicked Our Butts We Made It through! Happy Summer to All Teachers and School Employees We Deserve This Summer 😝@mystashbuddy.’” Instagram, http://www.instagram.com, https://www.instagram.com/p/CRBpJ6vnvG4/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=1ac5674b-8ada-4944-a66c-00fd3bffe537. Accessed 27 Aug. 2022.

The Best Teacher Professional Development Books

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Thousands upon thousands of volumes have been written on the subject of education and teaching. However, it appears that there are a select handful that have stood the test of time and continue to have an influence. Here are some professional books for teachers that have stood the test of time and have been praised by their peers.

Disclaimer: Our team provides educators with classroom-beneficial ideas and products. Even though the items listed below have been chosen based on their superior qualities, each reader should evaluate each product to see whether it will benefit them prior to making a purchase. We believe in recommending the best product to you, but we ask that you choose a product that you think will be most beneficial to “your classroom.” This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Additionally, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

The Best Teacher Professional Development Books

  1. All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things by Robert Fulghum

Try to be honest in your interactions. It’s important to apologize when you’ve done something wrong and caused pain to another person. These are just a few examples of the timeless wisdom from author Robert Fulghum that has helped the book sell over 7 million copies and remain popular for over 30 years.

  1. Teaching with Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom by Jim Fay and David Funk

Teaching with Love and Logic is packed with useful advice and suggestions for overcoming the common problems encountered by educators on a daily basis. This book puts instructors in charge and encourages critical thinking amongst students with its down-to-earth approach and humorous prose.

  1. You Can’t Say You Can’t Play by Vivian Paley

An inspiring and thought-provoking read that addresses prejudice and social isolation. A deep read that will help you create a classroom where everyone feels safe and welcome.

  1. Mosaic of Thought: Teaching Comprehension in a Reader’s Workshop by Susan Zimmermann and Ellin Olive Keene

Strategies for fostering children’s adaptability, interest, and independence in their reading are outlined by Susan Zimmermann and Ellin Olive Keene, who identify eight cognitive processes employed by good readers.

  1. Positive Discipline: The Classic Guide to Helping Children Develop Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Problem-Solving Skill by Jane Nelsen

Effective discipline relies not on punishment but on mutual respect between the parties involved. Positive Discipline, which was first published 25 years ago, has helped many educators and parents improve their relationships with their students and children through a shared emphasis on finding workable solutions.

San Antonio: Students And Their Art Teacher Unveil A Stunning Tiger Mural

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A local educator and her pupils have contributed to the creation of a new mural in San Antonio’s Southtown, which has resulted in an increase in the neighborhood’s overall level of vibrancy.

Angelica Sanchez, an art educator, is attempting to increase the city of San Antonio’s public art offerings. Sanchez has been an artist for her whole life, and during the previous school year, she worked at Davis Middle School as a substitute teacher for the nonprofit group Teatro Audaz, which is based in San Antonio. Because of this, she was able to participate in the San Antonio Independent School District’s summer school program at the beginning of the summer.

Sanchez led a two-week program at Bonham Academy where she educated pupils about murals, street art, graffiti art, and artists like Banksy.

The pupils also gained an understanding of the historical precedents for forms of contemporary art such as graffiti. The painting added a historical touch since its design was inspired by traditional Otomi embroidery, a motif seen in Mexican artwork from the Hidalgo area. Sanchez claims that the design, which features the Bonham Academy tiger mascot and incorporates Otomi style, was a collaborative effort between her and the faculty there.

According to Sanchez, the pupils completed the task using spray paint and a color-by-number technique.

She says you may find the mural across from Bonham Academy’s playground in the Southtown Arts District. Sanchez said that she is thrilled for children to be able to appreciate the painting during their free time as the new school year starts.

Sanchez has said that she would be collaborating with art educators all throughout San Antonio to assist them in painting murals on their respective school campuses.

On Sanchez’s Instagram account, art admirers and supporters may see his artwork and learn more about his contributions to the local art scene, such as hosting a community paint day.

United Kingdom: Teacher Fired After Lies Exposed, Faked Brother’s Funeral

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A teacher in East London forged medical documents and said she had to attend her brother’s funeral in order to justify her absence.

Dionne Bryan was a teacher for the incoming kindergarten class at Newham’s Portway Primary School, although she was often absent for extended periods of time in 2017 and 2018. Some of her explanations for being absent were found to be false, and the school launched an inquiry as a result. For example, her phone’s area code indicated that she was really in Kingston, Jamaica while she said she was in Florida or the United Kingdom, prompting the school to conclude that her assertions were false.

During the course of the investigation, the school discovered that she was not a qualified teacher.  She also made up papers from Dysart Surgery in Bromley that said she needed time off work because of a procedure. Soon, though, more lies began to unravel. The ‘order of service’ she provided for the burial was for someone who had not died, disproving her claim that she was travelling to Florida for her brother’s funeral, which was the reason she had taken another spell off work. Another fabrication of Ms. Bryan’s was that she had escaped marital abuse and was hiding out in Birmingham with the help of the police.

The school fired Ms. Bryan in October 2018, and in November 2019, the TRA panel concluded that the only appropriate punishment was a lifetime ban from teaching.

The following article is paraphrased from the following: Teacher fakes brother’s death to skive work before probe finds she not even qualified, Charlie Duffield, 12 Aug 2022, https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teacher-fakes-brothers-death-skive-27728828

Inadvertently Creating A Music Meme, A Math Teacher Entertained The World

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A tweet from Doug Mataconis went viral a few years back, garnering 13,000 retweets and igniting laughter throughout the globe.

There was an exam question in the tweet that showed what looked to be, shall we say, an elementary comprehension of how Beethoven’s music is created.

There were a lot of laughs at the test question’s absurdity, which poked fun at the instructor who wrote it.

It was the instructor who posed the inquiry who discovered the trending Twitter message. Teacher Claire Longmoor in Nottingham responded to Doug’s tweet by adding that she had prepared the question for her students in 2007 and that it was still relevant today. She then uploaded the whole worksheet.

Also, take notice of the thin white line at the very top of the page. “Beware there is one trick question!” Well, it seems that Ms. Longmoor was able to catch a number of us. There is no doubt that teachers are admirable individuals who will always come out on top.