“Bike Bus”: From Barcelona To San Francisco – Kids Ride To Class On Bicycles

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In a Barcelona neighborhood, a convoy of kid cyclists glides down a car-free street as part of the city’s “bicibus” scheme to encourage green transport and physical exercise.

The children take to the streets every Friday in the city’s Eixample neighborhood, picking up other kids along the circuit and dropping them off at their schools, as a traditional bus route would work. The roads are closed to traffic to make sure the young riders are safe, and parents often join in, sometimes carrying younger children in bike seats.

The program, which was rolled out in September, has been so popular that other countries have replicated it.

In San Francisco, for example, Several dozen families and children rode through city streets — mainly using John F. Kennedy Drive through Golden Gate Park, which has been fully closed to traffic during the pandemic. The communal ride operates similar to a school bus, with bikers joining along a route that takes kids to school.

SF father Peter Belden, who organized the ride, said it’s the first-ever bike bus in the city.

“There were almost 30 people in the bus, and I think the next one will be double or triple,” said Belden, whose 13-year-old son joined the bus. “It’s so positive and fun for everyone. There were two kids who joined the ride, friends of my son, whose parents had meetings, and they were allowed to ride along. They hadn’t ridden their bike to school before, but because it was a bus, they felt safe doing it.”

Belden said he was inspired by the bike bus, or bicibús, that started during the pandemic in Barcelona and made national news.

“It started with 5 families. Now hundreds are biking to school together in Barcelona,” an NPR headline read.

Similar projects exist in other cities such as Dublin – “Ireland” and Buenos Aires – “Argentina”.

So far, it’s proven popular among the pint-sized participants. “Parents tell us that Friday is the day when they have the least difficulty to wake up their children,” said Genis Dominguez, 40, whose children participate in the Bike Bus and go to school in Eixample – “Barcelona”.

You can find more footage below:

Credits: Amazing school cycle bus become popular in Barcelona – Jan Hetaishi, Youtube.

Video: Teacher fired after being caught on video hitting horse

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A primary school teacher in the UK has been fired after being caught on now-viral video kicking and slapping a horse (footage can be found below).

Sarah Moulds, who was condemned by the RSPCA | Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals | for alleged animal cruelty after shocking footage of her emerged, has now lost her job at Somerby School after she was suspended last month.

The teacher and mother-of-two from Somerby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, learned her fate this week following a six-week investigation by education chiefs.

Mowbray Education Trust Chief Operating Officer Paul Maddox said in a statement : ‘I can confirm that Sarah Moulds’ employment with the Trust has been terminated.

Sarah Moulds also was booted from a volunteer leadership position at the Pony Club, which organizes horse rides for kids, the Guardian reported.

“The welfare of horses and ponies is of the utmost importance to the Pony Club, therefore the lady in question has been removed from her voluntary position as a team organiser for a branch,” the club said.

The Hunting Office said it “expects the highest level of animal welfare at all times — both on and off the hunting field — and condemns the actions taken by this individual, who is not a member of the hunting associations,” according to the news outlet.

Meanwhile, supporters of the primary school teacher who was filmed kicking and slapping a horse have said she should not have been sacked from her job.

Taking to social media one person wrote: ‘I don’t condone the kick or the slaps, but the horse ran into the road beforehand and none of us watching the video (filmed by a group that has a motive to present things in the word possible light) knows the full story.

‘To lose her job on the basis of that? I hope she doesn’t read the spiteful comments here. Humans suffer too.’ 

While another added: ‘Is it right that a woman who may be a very good teacher is sacked for behaving badly with an ill-tempered horse? This is yet another social media witch hunt.’

Meanwhile another person said:  ‘A farmer told me I don’t understand country ways and foxes need to be controlled as they kill for fun. Probably. But I don’t like the class divide of ritualistic blood sports. 

‘However, I do think that it is an overreaction regarding Sarah Moulds. A witch hunt unrelated to teaching.’ 

Her uncle David Kirkham from Bonsall, Derbyshire, insisted: ‘She is a very upright person, a fantastic person who absolutely loves her horses.

‘I’ve seen the video but we don’t know what the horse had been doing and if it was out of control. But we know it ran out onto the road and she told it off.

‘She was reprimanding the horse. There was no malice intended. She is very well thought of and respected.’

Footage can be found below:

Huntswoman filmed appearing to kick and punch a horse

Video | South Dakota Teachers Scramble For Dollar Bills To Fund Basic School Supplies In “Demeaning” Half-Time Competition.

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Recently, the Sioux Falls Stampede Hockey Club hosted a fundraiser for local South Dakota teachers in need of desks, supplies, and other classroom needs.

During the intermission of a Dec. 11 game, 5,000 single dollar bills were placed in the middle of the arena and 10 teachers were given five minutes to scoop up as much money as they could hold and subsequently keep.

The footage of the competition went viral and nearly 12 million people have viewed the clip, watching and re-watching teachers ravage the ice for money with hopes of bettering their students’ education, the dollar notes were placed everywhere; down their jumpers and into hats while the audience cheered.

The money was reportedly donated by CU Mortgage Direct to fund teaching supplies and classroom repairs.

“With everything that has gone on for the last couple of years with teachers and everything, we thought it was an awesome group thing to do for the teachers,” said Ryan Knudson, director of business development and marketing for CU Mortgage Direct. “The teachers in this area, and any teacher, they deserve whatever the heck they get.”

However, the competition drew nothing but criticism wherein the event was described to be “demeaning”. Loren Paul, president of the South Dakota Education Association, said it showed that the state needs to do better for its teachers and students when it comes to funding education.

American Federation of Teachers president, Randi Weingarten, tweeted that the display was “demeaning”. “This just feels demeaning … teachers shouldn’t have to dash for dollars for classroom supplies,” she said. No doubt people probably intended it to be fun, but from the outside it feels terrible.”

The company and the Sioux Falls Stampede later apologised for the competition, following widespread backlash.

“Although our intent was to provide a positive and fun experience for teachers, we can see how it appears to be degrading and insulting towards the participating teachers and the teaching profession as a whole,” they said in a joint statement.

They reiterated that the promotion was aimed at raising funds for local teachers and classrooms, and explained that they had randomly selected the 10 participants from a pool of 31 applicants. The team said it is giving them all more money, totaling an additional $15,500 for area teachers.

“Together with CU Mortgage Direct we will be providing an additional $500 to those teachers that participated in the event as well as providing $500 to those additional 21 applicants that were not able to participate,” it said.

They also promised to work with the South Dakota Teachers Association on future events that will support teachers and “funding for our next generation.”

Footage of the competition can be seen below:

South Dakota teachers scramble for dollar bills to buy classroom supplies in half-time game – video

Watch and Explore | St Mary’s School: The Only School In The World’s Most Isolated Inhabited Island “Tristan Da Cunha”

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St Mary's School Tristan Du Cuhna

Tristan Da Cunha is one of a set of islands in the South Atlantic, which are the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. The nearest populated land mass is the island of St. Helena, 745 miles away. To further understand the magnitude of the islands’ isolation, the nearest city is Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, which is 1,511 miles west. St Mary’s School (above photograph) is located on Tristan’s only permanently inhabited locale, known as Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. Discovered by Portuguese sailors in 1506, the islands have been a British territory since 1816.

During the island’s early colonial history, several of William Glass’ (Scottish Corporal and Settler that established the Tristan Da Cunha settlement) children were sent to England and Cape Town for schooling. Occasional visitors were also asked to help teach island children. The first teacher – Benjamin Pankhurst, arrived in 1830 for two years. Rev Taylor, Tristan’s first minister, began a school, originally in William Glass’ home, then in the largest Tristan house, built by Andrew Hagan which served as both church and school until 1923. This house, still a Hagan home, was one of the last remaining houses thatched with New Zealand Flag. During World War II an expanded school was provided by the Naval Station and a new school house was built.

St Mary’s School opened in 1975. It has five classrooms, a library, a hall with stage, a computer suite, a cookery room, and a craft/science room. St Mary’s School educates Tristan children between the ages of three and sixteen.

Photographs Of St Mary’s School:

Photographs of the island, Tristan Du Cunha:

Prince Andrew School, St. Helena Island:

While not Tristan Du Cunha, St. Helena island is the nearest populated land mass and is used as reference since not only does it neighbor the island but also carries many similarities: same education, goverment, ethnicity of people, etc.

The BBC meets pupils at Prince Andrew School on the tiny British colony of St Helena in the South Atlantic.

Michigan School Shooting: Student Kills Three And Wounds Eight

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A 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at his Michigan high school on Tuesday, killing three students and wounding eight other people, including at least one teacher, authorities said.

The Oxford High School students killed were T. Myre, 16; H. St. Julian, 14, and M. Baldwin, 17, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Eight others — seven students and a teacher — were shot. Three are in critical condition with gunshot wounds, including a 14-year-old girl who is on a ventilator after having surgery. A 14-year-old boy is in serious condition with a gunshot wound to the jaw and head. Three students are in stable condition and the teacher who was shot has been discharged.

Students have described hiding under desks during the attack. Some had stayed home on Tuesday because of safety concerns.

Police received emergency calls from the high school in the town of Oxford, about 40 miles (65km) from Detroit, at 12:51 local time (17:51GMT).

Within minutes, officials had received 100 calls to 911, Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe told reporters.

Officials say the suspect, a 15-year-old boy, surrendered five minutes after police were called.

No shots were fired during the arrest, and the teenager was not injured.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said at a news conference that investigators were still trying to determine a motive for the shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, a community of about 22,000 people roughly 30 miles north of Detroit.

He said he was aware of allegations circulating on social media that there had been threats of a shooting at the roughly 1,700-student school prior to Tuesday’s attack, but he cautioned against believing that narrative until investigators can look into it.

The school was placed on lockdown after the attack, with some children sheltering in locked classrooms while officers searched the premises. They were later taken to a nearby Meijer grocery store to be picked up by their parents.

According to the Detroit Free Press newspaper, rumours had been circulating of a possible attack, and some students had decided not to attend classes on Tuesday. Parent Jody Job told the paper that her son had skipped school because “he felt like something was going to go down”. Robin Redding told the Associated Press that her son had also missed classes due to concerns about safety. “He was not in school today,” she said. “He just said that ‘Ma I don’t feel comfortable. None of the kids that we go to school with are going today.'” President Joe Biden spoke about the shooting during a visit to Minneapolis, Minnesota. “My heart goes out to the families enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one,” he said.

Watch: Michigan High School shooter trying to entice a classroom of kids to open up their door.

Michigan High School shooter trying to entice a classroom of kids to open up their door.

Watch: Castleberry High School investigating viral video of student attacking teacher, making racist comments.

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Officials in Castleberry High School are investigating after a video of a white student yelling at and hitting a Black teacher went viral.

The video, which was filmed at a school in the Castleberry district, was posted to Twitter on Nov. 19 and has since garnered thousands of views. It’s not clear what date the incident occurred.

The video shows the student slapping the teacher’s arm. Then she appears to call her mom and make racist comments about the teacher.

The teacher is seen shaking her head as she walks around the front of the desk and is heard saying, “You touched me. I did not touch you.” The woman then walks to the door of the classroom.

Castleberry High School officials released a statement saying they’ve notified law enforcement about the situation and will be conducting its own investigation as well.

The student is facing a three-day suspension, with more punishment possible.

The mother of the Texas student has spoken out about her daughter’s behavior. She told WFAA her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and battles depression with anxious distress. Furthermore, she told WFAA she doesn’t know where she learned the offensive language from. She said they don’t throw racial slangs ever in her household. She added that she’s had more than ten meetings with district leaders trying to get her daughter moved into special education classes.

Watch the full video and see what happened:

A viral video that showed a female student yelling at and hitting a teacher in the Castleberry school district.

Watch: Deer breaks into Elementary school in Springfield

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Video posted to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Facebook page showed a deer, which was identified as a whitetail buck, standing in the middle of a soiled classroom at Westside Elementary School in Springfield, Tennessee.

The wild deer had managed to squeeze its way through an emergency door without breaking it and got trapped inside the classroom, according to Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officer Kaleb Stratton. 

Stratton headed out to the school just before 7 a.m. to help guide the deer out of the building. Minus a few overturned tables and chairs, no damage was done to the school. He said it was fortunate they were able to find the deer before more staff or students arrived. It’s mating season, also known as rut. “Bucks can be really crazy around this time of of year,” Stratton said. “They’re not trying to be mean. They’re just wild animals.” The deer had a small scrape on its back from the ordeal but was otherwise unharmed. It was also missing an antler, but Stratton said they found no sign that it lost it in the scuffle.

Watch the full video and see what happened:

Watch: Adele breaks down after reuniting with English teacher from school on stage, bursts into tears.

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The “Easy on Me” singer started to cry as she was reunited with the teacher who she hadn’t seen since age 12. 

Adele is used to surprising fans at her concerts, but this time she was the one who was left shocked. The “Easy on Me” singer filmed a UK concert special called “An Audience With Adele”. During the event, Emma Thompson wondered if Adele had someone who supported, inspired, or protected her “from all the trials and tribulations of life” when she was younger. 

“Yeah, I had a teacher at Chestnut Grove who taught me English,” she responded. “That was Miss McDonald.”

Watch the full video and see what happened: