Connecticut Becomes One Of The First States To Pass A Law Requiring Schools To Teach About Climate Change

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Due to a recently passed legislation, Connecticut will take its place among the first states in the United States to require the education of its students about climate change.

It is currently required that the curriculum of all public schools in the state of Connecticut contain an explanation of how the climate is changing and how people are directly responsible for this change, as well as an explanation of how this shift will harm populations, what is being done to avoid it, and how much each of these things costs. Following that, the pupils will be examined on it as a component of the ongoing exams.

Even if the action is almost unheard of in the United States, it won’t truly have that much of an effect on the state. According to the Connecticut Mirror, a local newspaper, over ninety percent of public schools currently include lessons on climate change as part of their curricula. However, the other public schools have until July 2023 to bring their lessons in line with the scientific consensus.

The law had support from members of both the Democratic Party and the Republicans, resulting in its passage with a vote count of 31 to 8.

Only twenty states and the District of Columbia have, as of right now, embraced the Next Generation Scientific Standards (NGSS), which define the minimum degree of scientific literacy that children should possess. Reports indicate that certain schools in the state of Texas have refused to even use the terms “climate change,” despite the fact that other states, such as Texas, have remained reluctant to implementing these requirements.

United Kingdom: As Energy Costs Skyrocket, One College Becomes First To Adopt A Four-Day School Week

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In response to rising energy prices, a college became the first institution in Britain to implement a four-day school week.

South Essex College, which has locations in Basildon, Southend, and Thurrock, has revealed that it intends to shut down its classes every Friday in an effort to save expenses in response to recent increases in those expenses.

The institution, which offers classes to students ranging in age from 14 all the way up to undergraduates and adults, said that students will continue to get the same amount of hours of face-to-face instruction, with sessions taking place between Monday and Thursday.

According to the report, students who work from home on Fridays would be encouraged to engage in “independent study,” while instructors would be allowed to utilize the day to catch up on marking and administrative tasks.

Florida Ranks 48th, Not 9th, In Teacher Pay

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This past month, the Florida Republican Party mislead people who use social media by stating, in postings on its verified Twitter and Facebook pages, that the state is among the best in the country for teacher pay. This statement is untrue.

According to a statement published by the party on September 7th, “When Governor DeSantis took office, Florida ranked 26th in the nation for teacher pay, and today we are 9th.” “Every year he fights to ensure Florida teachers get the support and funding they need.”

Nevertheless, data on salaries throughout the country contradicts those statistics.

According to, Florida has the 48th worst teacher pay, just behind Virginia and Arizona in the rankings.

The national average income for teachers is $65,090; the average salary for teachers in the state of Florida is 4.6% lower than the national average salary for teachers.

The states of Pennsylvania, California, and New York come in first, second, and third, respectively, when it comes to paying teachers the most.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Threatened To Defund The Education Department In Order To Prevent Teachers From ‘Brainwashing’ Students

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To prevent the “brainwashing” of American children by teachers, Marjorie Taylor Greene has vowed to “defund” the Department of Education.

The Georgia right-wing lawmaker made the unusual warning while getting the audience excited for Donald Trump’s Saturday night event in Youngstown, Ohio.

Mr. Trump is in the state to show his support for Republican candidate for US Senate, J. D. Vance, who is engaged in a close contest for the seat with Democratic Representative Tim Ryan and Congressman Jim Jordan.

She said that the Department of Education would be cut off from funding if the government intended to “replace parents and brainwash children.”


Kanye West Founds Donda Academy, A Private Christian School

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Kanye West has opened a new private Christian school. It is called the Donda Academy.

“Prepare students to become the next generation of leaders,” is what the school’s website says the objective is, and it will be accomplished via “an ethic of integrity and care.”

The institution has Christian roots and is a private prep school with a location in Simi Valley, California.

Students will reportedly take part in “full school worship,” “core classes in language arts, math, and science,” “lunch and recess,” and “enrichment classes like world language, visual art, film, choir, and parkour.”

Two people who did not want to be named told Rolling Stone that families who want to enroll their children at Donda Academy have to sign an agreement not to talk about the school.

Donda Academy’s organizational details and pedagogical philosophy remain unknown at this time.

Los Angeles: George Clooney Opens A New Film And Television High School

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In the midst of a week in which schools throughout the nation welcomed their first students, George Clooney inaugurated a film school in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The Roybal School of Film and Television Production Magnet in downtown Los Angeles was officially opened on Wednesday with the participation of the 61-year-old actor and director.

During the opening of the school, he was joined at the event by fellow actors and members of the Roybal Advisory Board Don Cheadle and Mindy Kaling.

On Wednesday, for the occasion, Clooney wore a light blue polo shirt and a navy blue polo shirt. He also wore light blue pants.

George Clooney made a joke about how the public doesn’t often associate actors with education when speaking during the event. If you look at me, you automatically think, “Oh, he’s just the best Batman of all-time.”

At the launch, he also gave an interview to ET, in which he discussed his thoughts on the significance of establishing this school in Los Angeles and why he felt it was so necessary.

‘We’re excited about this. We feel like there’s a real opportunity here, and it’s something that I think we missed in our industry, and I think it’s something that it’s pretty obvious what the solution is — and it’s starting earlier,’ he said. ‘I just felt like, if you see a hole, you try to fill it, and this is one that it just seemed like — I was in London, and we were staffing up, and because it’s been a very busy time in the industry, it’s hard to find crew, and we need to do a lot better about inclusivity,’ he mentioned.

When asked whether he would really teach a lesson at the magnet school, Clooney said that he would most surely be dropping by. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m gonna come in. And listen, this is below-the-line guys, right? So, I’m not really gonna come in and talk about directing or acting, but I can come in and sit down with the kids when they’re editing and stuff like that, so, something like that,’ Clooney explained.

The Los Angeles Unified School District and the Roybal School of Film and Television Production Magnet collaborated in June to make the first announcement on the former (LAUSD).

Clooney and his producing partner Grant Heslov collaborated with Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner, Don Cheadle, Mindy Kaling, and other individuals like Kerry Washington, Nicole Avant, Eva Longoria, the owners of Working Title Films, Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Co-Chairman Bryan Lourd to establish the school.

The school is referred to as “a specialized academy” situated inside the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, and it will give “Los Angeles Unified teachers with access to famous storytellers, along with industry leaders and experts,” as well as “assist students with a rigorous academic education and practical training, creating a clear road to good-paying careers.”

Cardi B Donates $100,000 To Her Alma School In The Bronx

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Cardi B, a popular rapper, recently gave her alma mater in the Bronx a generous donation of one hundred thousand dollars. This came as a major surprise to both the students and the teachers.

At I.S. 232, the rapper joined New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks and K. Bain, creator and executive director of Community Capacity Development, to surprise kids and staff members as part of the celebration of the opening of the new school year.

Cardi B made an uplifting speech in which she discussed the significance of her public school education to her life as well as the significance of putting in a lot of effort while still in school in order to accomplish your goals.

After that, she surprised Principal Desiree Resto with a contribution of one hundred thousand dollars.

Following the completion of the announcement, Cardi B took part in a question and answer session with the students and also posed for a group shot with the students and the staff.

CCD had arranged a week-long trip with Cardi B to convey the message of human rights work, and one of the stops on the tour was at I.S. 232. The artist also traveled to a number of venues in Brooklyn and Queens.

Tools and Manipulatives That Should Be Present In Every Math Lesson

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It might be difficult to create an engaging math center for a classroom that the children look forward to using. Activities like doing crafts or going to the library often strike children as being far more fascinating. It is feasible for you to create a fun and interesting math center for your children, but it may require a little bit of new equipment and resources.

The Best Materials for Creating an Interactive Math Center in the Classroom: The arithmetic center in the classroom would benefit greatly from the inclusion of these educator favorites. During math center time, it is possible to create a positive influence in the attitudes and interactions of students by using these instruments to provide a hands-on and visual link to mathematical ideas.

Three Useful Tips For Overcoming Communication Obstacles For Students With Special Needs

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Many students are at risk of having their performance suffer as a result of the underlying communication issues they face as a result of the many changes that have taken place in learning formats over the last several years, such as a rise in the number of online courses and alterations to onsite learning settings. Let’s take a look at three of the most important ways of tackling these problems:

  1. Exercises to Improve Your Articulation Skills: Practice with articulation skills should be continued. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) may collaborate with a school teacher and/or construct a home program with the use of SuperDuper articulation tools, which pinpoint the particular sounds and blends that need to be reinforced. If this is a possibility, it is recommended that you take advantage of it.
  2. Visual Reinforcement: Students who struggle with their pragmatic or social skills may have a difficult time comprehending non-verbal communication. When utilizing smart phones or other electronic gadgets, this might be an extremely difficult task. It may be more difficult to “read” facial clues of happiness, sadness, anger, and other emotions included within an email or text message, as well as to decipher the tone of an email or text message. You may be able to aid bridge the gap by employing visual reinforcements for signals, such as emoticons for textual forms or physical supports when using a screen or a phone.
  3. A Time Delay That Is Reasonable: Be sure to allow enough waiting time for a response from the student in the event that they struggle with speech difficulties such as not being able to be understood or stuttering. This will alleviate some of the tension associated with a timed reaction. You also have the option of having additional means of communication on hand.

Latvia: Nearly 20,000 Teachers Confirm Plans To Protest

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The Public Relations Department of the Latvian Education and Science Employees’ Union (LIZDA) informed the agency LETA that nearly 20,000 teachers have applied to participate in the open-ended teachers’ strike, but the registration of applications is still ongoing.

At the conclusion of the working day on September 8, the labor union had collected preliminary statistics on the number of participants in the indefinite strike of teachers.

These figures indicated that the union had received 19,979 applications from 707 different institutions.

Since the submission period has not yet ended, the total number of strikers will continue to increase and will be sorted through over the course of the next week.

“The large number of supporters and participants of the strike proves how widespread the problems in the industry are and how justified the demands made by LIZDA are. We still call on the employees of the education and science sector to show solidarity even more, to continue applying for a strike in order to achieve the fulfillment of the demands together,” Vanaga calls.

Since it has been reported that the conciliation commission did not succeed in reaching a consensus on the topic of increasing the salaries of teachers at their meeting earlier this week, LIZDA has decided to call for a strike of teachers beginning on September 19.

However, the union thinks that lawmakers still have the ability to prevent the strike from occurring and aims to file the required documentation for the strike on September 12th.

One of the things that the union is asking for is something called a “balanced workload,” which basically means that a lower portion of the total workload should be devoted to contact hours.

The idea put out by the Ministry of Education and Science that the workload would not be balanced until the year 2028 is met with opposition from the labor union.

In the proposal made by the Ministry of Education and Science, the procedure is described as being too lengthy, and given the present difficulties, this cannot be afforded.