Hungary: Teachers Go On Strike Again, Low Salary And Inflation Continues

On Friday, Hungarian teachers, students, and parents intensified their demonstration, demanding greater pay and education reforms, by building a human chain that was 10 kilometers (six miles) long in the center of Budapest. Additionally, smaller protests were conducted around the nation.

In September, teachers started a campaign called “I want to teach,” in which they called for civil disobedience to demand greater compensation for teachers and an appropriate supply of instructors in the profession. Additionally, they are demonstrating against any limits placed on their freedom to go on strike.

As a result of the fallout from the war in the neighboring Ukraine and the falls in the value of the forint currency to record lows, Hungarian inflation is on track to scale a 26-year-high next year. 

After the European Commission releases EU recovery funds that has been delayed because of a disagreement over the rule of law and democratic checks and balances, the government of Orban has said that it will increase the wages of teachers.

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