Connecticut Becomes One Of The First States To Pass A Law Requiring Schools To Teach About Climate Change

Due to a recently passed legislation, Connecticut will take its place among the first states in the United States to require the education of its students about climate change.

It is currently required that the curriculum of all public schools in the state of Connecticut contain an explanation of how the climate is changing and how people are directly responsible for this change, as well as an explanation of how this shift will harm populations, what is being done to avoid it, and how much each of these things costs. Following that, the pupils will be examined on it as a component of the ongoing exams.

Even if the action is almost unheard of in the United States, it won’t truly have that much of an effect on the state. According to the Connecticut Mirror, a local newspaper, over ninety percent of public schools currently include lessons on climate change as part of their curricula. However, the other public schools have until July 2023 to bring their lessons in line with the scientific consensus.

The law had support from members of both the Democratic Party and the Republicans, resulting in its passage with a vote count of 31 to 8.

Only twenty states and the District of Columbia have, as of right now, embraced the Next Generation Scientific Standards (NGSS), which define the minimum degree of scientific literacy that children should possess. Reports indicate that certain schools in the state of Texas have refused to even use the terms “climate change,” despite the fact that other states, such as Texas, have remained reluctant to implementing these requirements.

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