Kanye West Founds Donda Academy, A Private Christian School

Kanye West has opened a new private Christian school. It is called the Donda Academy.

“Prepare students to become the next generation of leaders,” is what the school’s website says the objective is, and it will be accomplished via “an ethic of integrity and care.”

The institution has Christian roots and is a private prep school with a location in Simi Valley, California.

Students will reportedly take part in “full school worship,” “core classes in language arts, math, and science,” “lunch and recess,” and “enrichment classes like world language, visual art, film, choir, and parkour.”

Two people who did not want to be named told Rolling Stone that families who want to enroll their children at Donda Academy have to sign an agreement not to talk about the school.

Donda Academy’s organizational details and pedagogical philosophy remain unknown at this time.

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