Latvia: Nearly 20,000 Teachers Confirm Plans To Protest

The Public Relations Department of the Latvian Education and Science Employees’ Union (LIZDA) informed the agency LETA that nearly 20,000 teachers have applied to participate in the open-ended teachers’ strike, but the registration of applications is still ongoing.

At the conclusion of the working day on September 8, the labor union had collected preliminary statistics on the number of participants in the indefinite strike of teachers.

These figures indicated that the union had received 19,979 applications from 707 different institutions.

Since the submission period has not yet ended, the total number of strikers will continue to increase and will be sorted through over the course of the next week.

“The large number of supporters and participants of the strike proves how widespread the problems in the industry are and how justified the demands made by LIZDA are. We still call on the employees of the education and science sector to show solidarity even more, to continue applying for a strike in order to achieve the fulfillment of the demands together,” Vanaga calls.

Since it has been reported that the conciliation commission did not succeed in reaching a consensus on the topic of increasing the salaries of teachers at their meeting earlier this week, LIZDA has decided to call for a strike of teachers beginning on September 19.

However, the union thinks that lawmakers still have the ability to prevent the strike from occurring and aims to file the required documentation for the strike on September 12th.

One of the things that the union is asking for is something called a “balanced workload,” which basically means that a lower portion of the total workload should be devoted to contact hours.

The idea put out by the Ministry of Education and Science that the workload would not be balanced until the year 2028 is met with opposition from the labor union.

In the proposal made by the Ministry of Education and Science, the procedure is described as being too lengthy, and given the present difficulties, this cannot be afforded.

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