In An Effort To Expand Into The Educational Technology Market, YouTube Has Released Player For Education

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On Thursday, YouTube announced the release of Player for Education, a new platform devoid of advertisements and personalized recommendations for educational videos.

The new integrated video player for educational material applications will give users with a “in-depth, organized learning experience,” allowing them to better “avoid distractions” while studying.

YouTube said it will be working with a few educational technology firms including Edpuzzle, Purdue University, Purdue Global, and Google Classroom to help with the first stages of its deployment.

The business has said that the United States and South Korea would serve as the first launch locations for the platform, but that expansion to additional nations is in the works.

Free and paid courses and quizzes, which will allow producers to let viewers evaluate their knowledge in an interactive fashion, are just two of the new tools that YouTube has introduced for learners and creators generating educational material on the site.

YouTube said on its blog that a creator who has just uploaded a series on algebra may use the quiz feature under the “Community” tab to assess their viewers’ understanding of the material covered in the videos.

Courses are planned to debut in early 2023 and will be available for in-app purchase by viewers, while quizzes will be released in the subsequent months.

We don’t know how much the service will cost yet, but we do know that for the first two years, 100% of the proceeds will go to the artists whose videos will be shown in schools.

YouTube’s Player for Education isn’t the company’s first foray into the classroom setting. The video-streaming company has been actively promoting a variety of programs over the last several years, including a $20 million fund for creators generating instructional videos.