A Teacher Who Was Fired Over Her Cat’s Appearance During Online Lessons Was Compensated $6,000

The incident took place in June during a livestream session taught by the teacher, Luo.

During the course of the lecture, Luo’s cat made a total of five appearances on camera after jumping into frame.

The education technology corporation that was responsible for running the online courses terminated Lou’s employment and cited the cat’s unexpected presence on screen as the basis for the termination.

According to a report in the Guangzhou Daily, the firm said that Luo had participated in “non-teaching” activities during the session and had also been 10 minutes late to an earlier lesson. Luo filed a complaint with the arbitration commission against the ruling.

According to the news source, the business challenged the decision that it pay the instructor compensation for unjust dismissal and refused to accept the judge’s ruling that it should do so.

According to the Central Radio Network, in his decision on the case, Judge Liao Yajing of the Guangzhou Tianhe People’s Court ruled that if an employer requires their employees to work from home, the employer should not have the same expectations as if the personnel were working in an office.

She said that the regulations set out by the employer should not only be in accordance with the laws, but should also be fair and reasonable.

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