An Art Teacher’s Rebuttal To Those Who Want Her Fired Because of Her Body Shape

School clothing restrictions are often associated with students. A New Jersey art teacher, however, has gone viral due to the attention her body shape and fashion choices have garnered.

There have been calls for her dismissal from the school because of the attention she has drawn with her clothing choice.

When images of the teacher known as “The Art Teacher” (@toyboxdollz) surfaced online, the internet went into a feud. While the vast majority of the feedback has been supportive, some female commenters have taken issue with her role as an teacher. “Taking booty pics in a child’s class room yah don’t think you’ll be a teacher long have a good one,” one person said. Someone else chimed in, saying, “Get her out, kids don’t need to see the outcome of you surgeries to look sexually appealing.”

Some people were against firing her. Still, there are those who believe her Instagram is being used to push something other than art. Someone said, “Chile this is ridiculous she know exactly wtf she doin getting her body done like this it don’t even look nice or natural get some help.” Another commenter said, “You can’t help your body shape.” “However you can help what you wear and poses. Teachers doing back shots and extremely fitting clothes? You should probably have a private page for your personal stuff.”

Although, there was a noticeable lack of comments attacking this lady or her writings. A large number of individuals, even the males who ogled the art teacher’s body, backed her freedom to wear whatever she pleased. “With everything going on in the world today, people are worried about how a teacher looks and what she wears. Some people need a LIFE!” Someone defended her online. A commenter on an Instagram image showcasing students said, “They look focused on work to me!” The argument was made that although older kids could be distracted by the art teacher’s physique, preschoolers and kindergartners don’t give a hoot about such things.

The art teacher took to Instagram to respond to the recent attention her photos have received and to express gratitude to her global network of admirers. Some of the moms at the school where she worked as a teacher were “some of my best supporters,” she wrote. Some of my mothers have been in the spotlight protecting my reputation without me even having to utter a word.

The art teacher stated to those who have a problem with her looks, “It is alarming and mind blowing to me that this is truly a thing.” She also made sure to clarify that it is not only women or moms who are demanding that she be fired, contrary to what has been published online. She laughed off the criticism at first, but now she says it’s starting to affect her.

The art teacher is seeking contributions in the form of badges on Instagram Live due to the tremendous attention she and her Instagram profile are getting. She plans to use the funds to purchase art therapy materials for her students and to donate to a foundation that supports teachers. “Every day, I try harder to provide a positive example for my children. For the sake of my loved ones, my students, and my children,” says the art professor. She has confidence in her abilities as a teacher because she believes it will show in the classroom. She claims to know she is exceptional since her students contact her to beg for assignments. She’s thankful for everyone’s attention, good and bad.


“The Art Teacher🍎 on Instagram: ‘It’s Officially Summer Break 😍!!! I Really Want to Wish All My Students and All School Faculty Super Heroes a Phenomenal Summer! This Year Was Such a Ridiculous Blessing for Us! Even Though Covid Kicked Our Butts We Made It through! Happy Summer to All Teachers and School Employees We Deserve This Summer 😝@mystashbuddy.’” Instagram,, Accessed 27 Aug. 2022.

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