Best Books About Friendship For Preschool

When it comes to developing social skills, there is no better period than preschool. Children at this age have many opportunities to practice social skills, including taking turns, making concessions, listening, and learning from one another every day. This anthology of hilarious, poignant, humorous, and honest tales is meant to teach kids the importance of friendship and equip them with the skills they’ll need to form healthy bonds with the people they choose to allow into their lives.

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Best Books About Friendship For Preschool

  1. The Pups Save Friendship Day!
Item: The Pups Save Friendship Day!

Attention all those who love – The Pups Save Friendship Day! The puppies have taken it upon themselves to save Friendship Day by delivering the mail when no one else is able to.

  1. We Are Better Together
Item: We Are Better Together

A breathtaking ode to the beauty and strength that may be found in unity and cooperation. We Are Better Together, with its glittery cover and illustrations by Joyce Wan, celebrates the power of community.

  1. Sorry (Really Sorry)
Item: Sorry (Really Sorry)

When we’re feeling down, it’s easy to lash out at those we care about, even if they aren’t the target. However, by saying only two words, we may let our friends know how much we value them and boost their spirits. An excellent demonstration of how to really apologize while still using the phrase “I’m Sorry.”

  1. The One and Only Ivan
Item: The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan that has sold the most copies and won the Newbery Award is now available as a major motion picture that can be seen on Disney+. Ivan is used to people looking at him since he has spent the last twenty-seven years of his life in a mall cage. His time in the jungle is not something he often considers. Instead, Ivan spends his time watching television, hanging out with his pals Stella and Bob, and painting. When he meets Ruby, a young elephant rescued from the wild, he is compelled to reevaluate their house and his own artistic endeavors.

  1. Can I Play Too?
Item: Can I Play Too?

Is there anything more challenging than sharing? As any child will attest, sometimes you want to do things your own way, no matter how much you love your pals. Can I Play Too? tackles the issue head-on and arms students with practical skills they may use to learn to compromise and empathize with others’ viewpoints.

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