Shashibo From Fun In Motion Toys Has Been Awarded The STEAM Accreditation

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The STEAM certification from Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide and The Toy Association is the latest award for Fun In Motion Toys’ Shashibo, which has already been named a finalist for the TOTY award in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

As Fun In Motion Toys’ President Kevin Daniels put it, “This is especially gratifying because we’ve received countless kudos from consumers and educators over the years, all noting that Shashibo is far more than just a fun fidget toy, and its creative attraction is a fun and natural way to build STEAM skills.”

In his last remarks, he stated, “As we’ve always said, Shashibo is truly in a class by itself, and this accreditation makes it official.”

Shashibo, made by Fun In Motion Toys, has been the best-selling puzzle cube fidget toy for three years running and has been nominated for three “TOTY” Awards. Other award-winning products from the company include Spinballs, Mozi, Glozi, Wandini, and Karmagani. “Our mantra is simple: we believe in creating mesmerizing toys that provide movement and activities that stimulate both the mind and body for hours of fun, day and night.” Bottom line is that we’re serious about our commitment to fun… and we mean business. “

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