Switzerland: The Teachers’ Association Warns Of A Worsening In Education Quality Due To A Shortage Of Certified Teachers

At a press conference, Dagmar Rosler, the president of the association, said during a press conference that an increasing number of primary schools have been forced to rely on staff who do not possess the appropriate professional qualifications to work as teachers.

Rosler says that the situation is bad in some places, especially in the German-speaking half of the country, and that schools often have trouble filling open positions as the new school year gets closer.

She went on to say that the lack of skilled personnel might result in an increase in the number of students attending private schools or in the number of parents who opt for home education.

She did warn that there was no trustworthy national data available since education in Switzerland is the purview of the country’s 26 cantons, each of which is substantially autonomous.

In order to keep teaching an appealing profession, the group has once again called for increased pay.

In multiple conversations with local newspapers, Rösler also said that teacher education programs were at capacity, but that it would be a while before those graduates were ready to enter the classroom.

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