Inadvertently Creating A Music Meme, A Math Teacher Entertained The World

A tweet from Doug Mataconis went viral a few years back, garnering 13,000 retweets and igniting laughter throughout the globe.

There was an exam question in the tweet that showed what looked to be, shall we say, an elementary comprehension of how Beethoven’s music is created.

There were a lot of laughs at the test question’s absurdity, which poked fun at the instructor who wrote it.

It was the instructor who posed the inquiry who discovered the trending Twitter message. Teacher Claire Longmoor in Nottingham responded to Doug’s tweet by adding that she had prepared the question for her students in 2007 and that it was still relevant today. She then uploaded the whole worksheet.

Also, take notice of the thin white line at the very top of the page. “Beware there is one trick question!” Well, it seems that Ms. Longmoor was able to catch a number of us. There is no doubt that teachers are admirable individuals who will always come out on top.

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