Nevada Is Short Of 3,000 Teachers And Staff 

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The state of Nevada is still rushing to fill thousands of teaching and staff positions as the new school year approaches.

The Nevada State Education Association says that there are still about 3,000 open teaching jobs in the state’s 17 school districts, even though some schools are getting ready to start classes again in early August.

As the Nevada State Education Association’s president, Dawn Etcheverry, told ABC News, “I’m worried about lunch workers who aren’t going to be there to serve our kids meals that they need and have missed throughout the summer.” “And in our second-largest district, we don’t have bus drivers to start the school year. So kids will already go on a rotation of one week without a bus driver every four weeks.

A lack of teachers is pushing schools to make drastic choices, such as expanding class sizes. The Clark County School District, which serves about 320,000 kids, has raised teacher salaries by $7,000 and given $4,000 in relocation bonuses to attract new teachers from other districts and outside of Nevada.