A Former Teacher Is Leading A Program To Help Low-Income Students Succeed

A former teacher is now in charge of a program designed to help children from low-income homes succeed academically and in the future.

The “Midway Safe Harbor Program” exposes more than 100 local kids to new experiences, such as educational challenges and educational opportunities.

To get there, they need a firm foundation, which one man intends to provide. They have a mentor who’s been where they are, and he’s helping them remain on top of their game.

Byrd’s summer programs for low-income families in Seminole County’s Midway neighborhood are conducted by Byrd and include academic seminars, physical exercise, and nutritious food. According to Byrd, Midway Safe Harbor provides students with a safe and proactive environment in lieu of the alternative.

It’s estimated that 80 percent of children in low-income neighborhoods lose up to three months of learning over the summer break. It is quite unlikely that children who fall behind in school and do not have access to books will ever catch up.

Byrd says that the goal of the program is to help the children who take part make positive steps forward by giving them freshly cooked meals, daily lesson plans, chances to exercise, and even help with finding a place to live and getting medical care for their parents.

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