Rwanda Raises Elementary School Teachers’ Pay By 88%

Primary school teachers in Rwanda will get an 88% wage increase. This is a component of the incentives provided by the nation with the goal of enhancing the teachers’ ability to support themselves financially.

On Monday, August 1, the country’s Ministry of Education made the announcement on its official Twitter page that, as a result of these new adjustments, secondary school teachers would also experience a rise in their compensation of forty percent (40%).

According to the communiqué, the beginning salary for certificate holders in the teaching profession, which is presently 50,849 FRW, would increase to 95,084.26 FRW. “The salaries for Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, and support staff working in public and government-aided schools have also been revised upwards. These decisions come into force from the payment of the teacher salaries of August 2022,” the statement added.

Despite the fact that Rwanda has raised the pay of teachers by 10% since March 2019, the country’s daily, The New Times, reported that over a thousand instructors quit their jobs every month in quest of higher benefits. The new salary increase is part of a package that will feature incentives to enhance the welfare of teachers and raise the quality of teaching in public and government-aided schools for general education and TVET. The package will also include an increase in the minimum wage.

1 Rwandan franc equals 0.00097 United States Dollar

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