Kentucky: A Man Rescues Five Children And Two Former Teachers From Their Flooded Houses

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When Nathan Day was up early on Thursday morning helping his son get ready for work, he got a message from a neighbor requesting him to rescue her grandkids from the rising floods.

Day, a former coal miner who now resides in Hindman, Knott County, said that he was unaware of what was taking place in the area until he got the message informing him that the children needed assistance in evacuating their home.

On that day, authorities in Eastern Kentucky saw flooding so severe that they described it as “unprecedented.” At least 35 individuals have been found dead as a result of the floods, and a great number of those who have escaped have lost all they had.

Day and his wife, Krystal, had no boat, so they went through the flood to rescue the five children and two moms who were trapped on the roof of their house.

After Day and his wife were able to save the kids and the two women, Day set out to save his high school English teacher Ella Prater and his second grade teacher Irma Gayheart, who both lived in the area.

Day says that he then asked three other neighbors to help him check on his teachers, who both live alone. Day was successful in reuniting both of the teachers with their families, who had been anxiously awaiting any news about their location. Day did this with the assistance of his neighbors.