Teachers’ Favorite Construction and Building Block Toys

The use of blocks exposes children to a variety of topics, including those related to social and emotional development, mathematics, science, and language and literacy. They not only teach children new vocabulary words, shapes, patterns, and numbers, but they also stimulate play and teach children how to share and work together with other children. It’s true that playing with blocks may help kids improve their fine motor skills, but in the classroom, blocks serve a far broader range of functions.

To participate in block play, one needs a selection of accoutrements in addition to blocks that range in size, hue, and composition. The following are a few examples of fantastic block play things that you may include in your classroom or early care environment:

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Teachers’ Favorite Construction and Building Block Toys

  1. Wooden “Stone” Blocks
Item: Wooden “Stone” Blocks

The Wooden “Stone” Blocks are ideal for practicing stacking, which contributes to the development of fine motor skills. Teach youngsters how to create beautiful designs, as well as teach them how to count and organize using colored wooden stones.

  1. Guidecraft Unit Blocks
Item: Guidecraft Unit Blocks

Open-ended quality block play with Guidecraft Unit Blocks‘ 135 smooth-sanded rubberwood pieces allows children to learn about geometry and engineering while also strengthening their fine motor, spatial thinking, teamwork, and problem solving abilities. While delivering hours of nonstop play, the Block Science Unit Blocks engage young brains with an unmatched conventional block play experience. Basic unit block dimensions are 1.42″x2.8″x5.5″.

  1. Complementary Item: Emotion Stone
Item: Emotion Stone

Children can better express themselves and sympathize with others when they are able to recognize and comprehend the emotions shown on others’ faces. The faces of 12 typical Emotion Stones are inscribed on these exquisite tactile stones: happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, bored, calm, proud, shy, and embarrassed.

  1. Playlearn Foam Brick
Item: Playlearn Foam Brick

Using Playlearn Foam Brick, your student will be able to express their creative side. You can let your student pretend to be a contractor while yet keeping them safe with these life-size foam blocks.

  1. Prextex Classic Big Building Bricks
Item: Prextex Classic Big Building Bricks

Playing with Prextex Classic Big Building Bricks is a terrific method to encourage creative thinking in your students as well as develop their hand-eye coordination. A student’s brain growth benefits from sorting the pieces according to their shapes and colors.

  1. Guidecraft Branch Blocks
Item: Guidecraft Branch Blocks

Forms derived from natural tree branches that have been chopped into building blocks. The texture of the Guidecraft Branch Blocks has been preserved so that it may be felt and explored with the senses. Fosters play patterns that are natural and not predetermined.

  1. Alternative To Building Blocks: Interlocking Plastic Disc
Item: Interlocking Plastic Disc

The Interlocking Plastic Disc are a new building toy that encourages youngsters to think spatially while also allowing their imaginations to run wild. There are approximately 500 discs in each jar, which implies infinite hours of entertainment and educational value. Young student’s coordination and dexterity are improved as a result of the brain-building properties of Brain Flakes discs.

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