Teachers’ Favorite Tools for Teaching Time

In a manner similar to that of reading and writing, there are a variety of activities that teachers may engage students with in order to practice their skills related to maintaining time. When you have the appropriate materials on hand, teaching pupils about time is far less difficult. When it comes to teaching kids how to tell time, these Teacher Favorite items are perfect for use in the classroom as well as for practice at home.

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Teachers’ Favorite Educational Materials for Teaching Time

  1. Judy Clock
Item: Judy Clock

The Judy Clock is a well-known and well-liked educational item that makes teaching pupils how to tell time entertaining and interesting. This kids clock is an important tool for teaching children how to read numbers and tell time by the minute and the hour, and it may be used in the classroom, at home, or even at playtime. Students have an easier time studying thanks to color-coded hands and ticks, and the movement of the hands makes it accessible to alter the time around with precision and ease.  In addition, an activity guide is provided for teachers and parents to provide them exciting and engaging ideas for hands-on learning activities. 

  1. Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Flash Cards
Item: Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Flash Cards

Teach students to read time on the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and other increments with the Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Flash Cards. The analogue and digital methods of telling time are contrasted, and the beginning, ending, and total time during which an event has passed are shown. Measurements for the double-sided cards are 6-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ (16cmx8cm).

  1. Telling Time Bingo Game
Item: Telling Time Bingo Game

The Telling Time Bingo Game provides an engaging opportunity for learning that leads to tangible outcomes. Practice telling time in quarter-hour increments. Students will practice matching times to clock faces. Students in small groups or the whole class may participate in this engaging learning activity because of its flexible six-way framework, which accommodates a range of ability levels. Also perfect for students who have disabilities as well as everyone else who is learning English. Includes a caller’s mat and cards, along with a robust storage box and 36 playing cards. Perfect for students in first, second, and third grades (ages 6 to 8).

  1. Learning Resources Classroom Clock Kit
Item: Learning Resources Classroom Clock Kit

Color-coded hands and large, easy-to-read hour and minute markings make it simple for young children to tell the time in increments of five minutes or one minute through the use of the Learning Resources Classroom Clock Kit.

  1. Telling Time Flash Cards
Item: Telling Time Flash Cards

Time is shown in both numeric and analog formats on these bright, easy-to-read cards. Telling Time Flash Cards are built to last and have rounded edges and a self-checking function make it easier to organize them. There are 96 cards in all.

  1. Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Ruler Class Pack
Item: Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Ruler Class Pack

The concepts of elapsed time and length of time are challenging for pupils to comprehend, and the advent of digital clocks has only served to exacerbate this difficulty. Students are not sufficiently learning how to read time using analog clocks. This challenge was addressed by the development of a tool called the Learning Advantage Elapsed Time Ruler Class Pack, which is intended to assist educators in the process of instructing pupils on elapsed time and length of time concerns. Students are able to measure time using a number line style that enables them to see clearly where the time passes thanks to this one-of-a-kind measuring tool that can be written on and wiped clean. Imagine that this time tool is an analog clock that has been unwound into a 24-hour arrangement, with the hours of the morning indicated in red and the hours of the afternoon marked in blue. The hours are broken up into five minute parts that are denoted with dashes, and there are additional notations for 15 minute increments. There are interlocking endpoints for all of the elapsed time problems in the student edition. Useful for calculating elapsed time and the length of a period! There are 30 student rulers included in the classroom set, as well as a demonstration ruler and an overhead ruler.

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