Canada: Teacher Surprises Her Students, Gifts Them New Nike Air Force Shoes

The conclusion of the academic year is often a defining moment in the lives of school students. A teacher in the city of Toronto went above and above for her kids on the very last day of the school year by presenting them each with a brand-new pair of Nike Air Force sneakers.

The educator, Stephanie, who posts under the handle @teachinthe6ix on Instagram, said in a video that she surprised all 22 of her kids when she disclosed the boxes of shoes that she had purchased for them.

In the video, she also instructs her pupils to personalize a pair of simple white sneakers by decorating them with paint and markers so that they stand out. The pupils then follow her lead and do precisely that, bringing a splash of color to the footwear.

Stephanie, a Grades 2 and 3 teacher, purchased the shoes for her class with the assistance of a fundraiser and worked with Mack House to help her kids design the sneakers.

In her Instagram post, Stephanie wrote that her “students come from all different walks of life and some don’t have the simple luxuries that we often take for granted, such as shoes.” She further explained that she was inspired to gift her students new shoes that they could design after watching the movie ‘Like Mike’, a 2002 sports comedy, with her class.” “My method of teaching involves incorporating life lessons through curriculum. After watching ‘Like Mike’, the phrase “It’s not about the shoes, instead it’s who wears the shoes, that make them special” really impacted them,” she elaborated.

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