Sri Lanka: China Donates 10,000 Metric Tons Of Rice For School Lunch Program

In order to maintain the school lunch program, China supplied 10,000 metric tons of rice, according to the Ministry of Education.

The school meal program, which was effectively operated for over 30 years delivering lunch to 1,080,000 students in 7,925 schools, is not being executed correctly due to the present inflation in the nation.

The Ministry of Education has made efforts to utilise the contribution of 10,000 metric tons of rice from the People’s Republic of China to Sri Lanka to maintain the school lunch program.

On July 14th, the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Qi Zhenhong, formally transferred the second stock of the contribution, which consisted of one thousand metric tons of rice, to the Education Secretary, M.N. Ranasinghe, at the Ministry of Education.

When presenting the contribution, the Chinese Ambassador noted that children are a country’s future, and that China will do all in its power to keep the School Meal Program running for at least another six months, helping the Sri Lankan people weather the current storm.

Students have been chosen for the free lunch program at their schools by taking into consideration criteria such as their family’s income and whether or not they get enough nourishment. Schools with less than 100 pupils make up the vast majority of the candidates. In addition, the thirty rupees that have been allotted for a single meal up until now have been doubled to sixty rupees.

As a consequence of this, the Health and Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Education will take actions to ensure that the school lunch program is carried out in an appropriate manner, and the schools will also be given information on the quantity of rice that will be supplied in the future.

This school food program will be effectively continued by developing cultivation initiatives on school premises and gardens at the same time.

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