China: Parents Demand That Angelababy Lookalike Teacher Be Fired Because She Is Attractive

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Parents have lately asked that this kindergarten teacher be sacked from her position. It had little to do with her attitude and everything to do with her appearance. It would seem that she had such a striking resemblance to Angelababy (杨颖)) that fathers were rushing to the school to get a glimpse of her.

Source: Instagram/@angelababyct/Xuan

This teacher, like the Hong Kong singer, seems to be of a mixed ethnic background. She has Angelababy’s wide eyes and long, black hair, so there’s a good chance that people may mistake her for Angelababy or perhaps her sister. Her appearance apart, she seems to be a kind person. Claims have been made in the press that she is a dedicated and kind teacher who takes her work seriously.

Unfortunately, the mothers of the children have allowed their feelings about her attractiveness to become antagonistic towards one another. According to reports, their spouses have rushed to pick up their children from school in order to get a glimpse of them. As a result of their disappointment, the moms have petitioned the kindergarten to dismiss her.

Fortunately, the kindergarten has ignored their irrational requests. It’s safe to say that many people are satisfied with the decision, since they see the request as absurd. One person was perplexed and said, “Who is offended by beauty?” one asked incredulously. Another pointed out how absurd it was to ask someone to resign for being good-looking. “There are too many jealous people,” one observed.

It’s commendable that this woman was able to teach despite the attention she was receiving. We can only hope that her parents will be more understanding in the near future. She’s simply doing her job, after all.

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