Liverpool: School Faces Job Losses As Energy Costs Climb By 500%

In a series of errors at Liverpool City Council, several public services were placed on a higher tariff than they should have been.

According to Brian Lawless, Northcote Primary School’s expenses are “unsustainable” and will result in a “deficit budget.”

An urgent assessment of the extra expenses will be carried out by Liverpool City Council, according to a statement from the authority.

It was originally said that the authority’s chief executive Tony Reeves had apologised for “control failures and errors” in winning a new contract with energy supplier Scottish Power.

Government documents reveal that the cabinet was not made aware that the firm had ceased providing services to its business clients. This may mean that the entire cost of the bill, which includes schools and the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, could rise from £10.6m to £26m.  A report on the situation is expected to be released in the near future.

As Mr. Lawless put it, schools might be “penalized” as a result of council staff making errors, in an open letter to Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson,

A “disturbingly high” 491 percent increase in Northcote’s monthly energy expenses was reported by him in May, even though it was closed for half-term and didn’t use any more electricity owing to the warm weather.

He said that the school was now “able to sustain staff levels,” but that will “change as we seek to balance the books,” as he explained it. “There is [the] very real prospect of job losses right throughout the education establishments throughout the city,” he said. “This will have a massively detrimental effect on the quality of provision for the children.”

In addition, he requested confirmation that the deputy mayor’s commitment that schools would not be burdened by increased costs would be “fulfilled.”

The findings prompted Ms. Corbett to resign as the council’s financial overseer. A city council spokesman said the authority “has been regularly communicating with all of the city’s schools affected by the electricity contract issue and has apologised for the impact on budgets”. “There is a commitment to assess the impact of the additional costs as a matter of urgency once all quarterly bills are in next month,” he said. “The situation will also continue to be monitored under the new tariff.”

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