A Two-Year-Old Genius From Kentucky Joins Mensa As Its Youngest Member

Isla McNabb, a two-year-old child prodigy, is in the top 1% of the world’s most intelligent individuals.

When Jason and Amanda McNabb saw their daughter name items around the home using toy letters, they decided to get their daughter’s IQ tested.

There were chairs, sofas, and a television in her room that she was able to identify and spell out.

One disadvantage is that very clever toddlers seem to sleep less than typical children, meaning that Isla’s parents are often exhausted due to their toddler.  They were first concerned that their kid was not getting enough sleep, but now they are faced with the ‘disheartening’ possibility of waking up at ridiculously early hours on a daily basis.

Jason told the New York Post that he had a few ‘creepy moments’ when he realized how intelligent his kid would be.

Isla, who was already well-versed in the alphabet, showed off an impressive command of the art of letter-sounding on her own.

Once she was able to speak each letter correctly, her parents decided to check whether she could put them together and make the correct sound for the words that they had given her.

However, even though her parents were certain she’d have trouble saying “orange” the first time, Isla breezed through that exam and named numerous colors.

A reading ability that most children don’t develop until they are approximately six or seven years old was promptly acquired by this youngster.

Much more surprisingly, Isla eventually demonstrated that she could count and write as well, making her even more outstanding.

Aside from playing outdoors and watching TV programs for youngsters, Isla takes part in Mensa activities that a toddler might, despite being the youngest member.

She also likes reenacting a scene from one of her favorite novels, in which the letters of the alphabet all fall from a tree in the final scene.

Mensa, the world’s oldest and most popular high-IQ group, is available to anybody who scores at least 98 percent on a standard IQ test.

There are roughly 134,000 Mensa members residing in about 100 countries throughout the globe.

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