Texas: Forney ISD Bans Hoodies And Dresses For Older Students

Forney Independent School District has placed a blanket ban on all hooded apparel throughout all 18 campuses, as well as a prohibition on dresses and skirts for children in grades six through twelve.

T-shirts and denim trousers will also be prohibited in the area, which is roughly 25 miles east of Dallas. Students in prekindergarten through fourth grade are permitted to wear skirts, while those in higher grades are not.

The changes to the clothing code are part of FISD Superintendent Justin Terry’s effort to instill “workforce skills” in the district’s pupils for the future, according to a video. There have already been some protests from students over the new rules. When asked about the “reset this bar,” Terry responded, “We are excited to work together to take our schools and classrooms back for the future of our kids in order to make sure that they have a safe, enjoyable, and exciting learning experience.”

This week, a petition opposing the dress code gained more than 3,400 signatures, encouraging people to “join the fight against these unfair policies.”

One petitioner stated, “I feel all female students are being denied the freedom to dress as young ladies.”  “Every profession has a dress code, whether it’s scrubs, a welding helmet or a chef’s apron,” the girl said. “The way I dress plays an important role in professionalism and safety, both in the classroom and on the job site.”

According to the district’s website, the purpose of the dress code is to “improve student self-esteem, bridge socio-economic differences among students, and promote positive behavior, thereby improving school safety and improving the learning environment.  In the event that students do not adhere to the dress code, they may risk on-campus suspension until they alter their behavior or a designated adult provides them an authorized change of clothing to school.”

Featured Image Credit: Officials said the dress code will help improve the learning environment. (Source: WFAA/FAMILY PHOTO/CHANGE.ORG/CNN)

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